Canadian Visual Artist
Nimisha Bhanot is a contemporary Canadian artist whose work critiques the societal role and perception of South Asian women from a bicultural lens. Being Indo-Canadian has influenced the themes in Bhanot's work as she aims to portray the process of accepting and rejecting associated with building a dichotomous identity. Whether portraying Badass Brides, Bahus (daughter-in-laws) or pinups, Bhanot juxtaposes cultural signifiers against sexually liberated composition to challenge patriarchal expectations of women. The outward gaze of her subjects, along with the titles of each work talk back to these expectations. The skin of Bhanot's figures are rendered to be realistic, while clothing, henna, jewellery and motif is handled very loosely to provide evidence of a painterly touch. Some of Bhanot's influences include artists like Sarah Maple, Kehinde Wiley and Raja Ravi Varma.