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Online Publications/Zines

March 29 2016 'Buzzfeed India: This Pinup Series Portrays Indian Women (Accurately) As Sexually Liberated Individuals'

March 30 2016 'This Artist is Punching Indian Patriarchy in The Gut, One Painting At a Time'

March 30 2016 '8 Badass Pinups That Give Indian Women's Sexuality a Liberated Spin'

March 31 2016 'In Portraits: Indian Women In A Never-Seen- Before Avatar'

April 6 2016 'The Feminist And Artist: Nimisha Bhanot'

April 8 2016 'This Feminist Artist Paints Indian Women As Badass Pinup Models'

April 10 2016 'ART THAT LIBERATES - Nimisha Bhanot'

April 11 2016 'Meet Artist Nimisha Bhanot Whose Pinup Series Celebrates Sexually Liberated Indian Women'

April 11 2016 'These Indian-Origin Women Raise Important Points About Nationalism'

April 13 2016 'Indian Female Artist Brings Desi Twist To Pinup Models'

April 14 2016 'Badass Indian Pinups’ Artist Nimisha Bhanot Talks Art, Identity and Female Empowerment'

April 14 2016 'Bicultural Artist Paints Indian Women As Badass Pinups'

April 25 2016 'Badass Pin-Up Art Confronts The Patriarchy'

May 8 2016 'Lets Talk About Sex'

May 16 2016 'Nimisha Bhanot Talks Feminism & Challenges In Art'

June 9 2016 'Interview with Artist Nimisha Bhanot'

January 31 2017 "Badass Brides: Nimisha Bhanot and Art That Challenges Socio-Cultural Norms"

March 14 2017 "Inside the Private Art Collection of OCADU President Sara Diamond"

March 31 2017 "Vulva Paintings And Period Talk: Behind The Scenes of The Nimisha Bhanot Paint Night with Binti"

May 8, 2017 "I Paint My Frustration"

February 16, 2018 “Nimisha Bhanot: Artist”

May 1, 2018 “The Painter Behind 'Badass Brides' Just Drew Us A Badass New Logo”


Radio Interviews


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